Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Media Arts Class of 2001


Commercials, Branded Web Films, Documentaries, TV Series, Hostile Environments, Corporate Branding, Non-Profit, Government

Partial Client List:

McDonald's, Harley Davidson, Ford, Crest Oral B, SquareSpace, Penske Racing, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Dow Chemical, Johnson Controls, DeVry University, LG, Humana, Shure.


As a six-time winner of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for excellence in corporate branding and educational cinematography, Ron is arguably one of the most passionate and acclaimed cinematographers in the world.  His work spans multiple genres—from commercials, television, documentaries, and web films to special assignments in hostile environments, remote geographies, and natural disasters.

Always reinventing himself, his passion for storytelling is fueled by his desire to bring viewers into different worlds, expanding their perspective, and gaining a better understanding of the people and places that make up our planet. With his camera, he has travelled to and worked in over 75 countries.  His ability to connect with people from all walks of life—at every corner of the globe, allows him to tell stories unlike any other.  As a Director of Photography, his penchant for experimentation with technique and style allows him to always remain on the cutting edge of filmmaking.

His body of work is a reflection of his understanding of the human experience.  From working with celebrity chef Eric Ripert on the Emmy Award winning series Avec Eric--presented by SquareSpace, to interviewing NASCAR racing legend Richard Childress, to capturing the plight of survivors of genocide in Cambodia--his work has aired around the world on such networks as National Geographic Channel, Outdoor Life Network, and The Cooking Channel.  His work on commercial, web films, and corporate branding campaigns for such global clients as Dow Chemical, Toyota, Ford, Harley Davidson, McDonald's, and LG has garnered thousands of online views and has helped to excel the reputation of their brands.  A portfolio this diverse and eclectic places him in a rare class of DP’s that can handle an array of projects for any type of media platform.

As an avid fan of all things military, one of his best friends is an 85-year-old World War II veteran.  He is recently married to his beautiful bride, Linda and is looking forward to the domesticated life style.  In his spare time he can be found on the RC race track duelling it out with kids half his age racing high powered remote controlled cars.  

Ron has dual residencies in both Canada and the United States--and is a member of International Cinematographers Guild Local 600.